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Dr. Ralf Frank

is Professor of Organizational Transformation at GISMA Business School in Potsdam and Managing Director of Sustainserv in Frankfurt.

He is an expert in Behavioral Sustainability – training and coaching leaders to practice sustainable leadership – leadership that takes people as they are (and not as economic theory sees them). His academic focus is on researching users’ i.e., investors, consumers, utilization of information, particularly sustainability information.

Ralf Frank is a member of the German section of the Club of Rome, Member of Schmalenbach Gesellschaft’s Working Group on Company Reporting (Arbeitskreis Unternehmensberichterstattung, AKEU), Member of Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standard Committee’s (DRSC, German Accounting Standards Board) Working Group on Intangibles, Co-Chairman of the ESG Committee of the Corporate Reporting Forum (CRUF) and a Board member of BAUM e.V., the largest German network of sustainably operating companies.