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Climate change target “achieved”. False laurels. Sustainability and Bullshit.

We teach our children that it is indecent to adorn oneself with false laurels. And even young children understand that. It’s about justice. It is not right, and not just, to be praised for something you have not done or accomplished. An incorruptible sense of justice, that has always been my conviction, is inherent in us humans across cultures and generations. We notice when someone wants to make us believe that he or she has created something that he or she could not influence. What in the end, in the light of justice, was coincidence or fate.

Long foreword. Yesterday, politicians, especially German environmental politicians, boasted that they had achieved the 2020 climate targets. There goes the bullshit again. It would have been correct to say that despite the inconsistent climate policy and the completely botched energy turnaround, the climate targets have realized.

The “success” – the achievement of the climate targets – was one third due to Corona, but the largest share was due to the energy turnaround and the associated CO2 reduction, it was announced. I don’t believe that one bit. The reduction in greenhouse gases was 40.8% compared to 1990; without the pandemic, it would have been 39%. Huh? Corona accounts for one third, but only 1% net? The numbers don’t add up, and in my estimation, the interpretation doesn’t add up either.

The way the economy was shut down last year, the way freight traffic on road and rail collapsed, the way air traffic imploded, the reduction due to Corona could not have been 33%. Where would the other 2/3 come from? Especially when you consider that the net balance of GHG savings was negative simply because any GHG savings were wiped out by economic growth. The image that likes to be used is that of an escalator that you run down in the opposite direction of travel. If you don’t go fast enough, you stay in place, or go against your own direction.

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) can celebrate for all I care that the climate targets set for 2020 have been met. But she should say, as Federal Minister for the Environment, that it was force majeure, not the success of political measures. That’s bullshit. And dishonest. The energy transition is not a success story, but an unmotivated and half-hearted foundling of politics. As the FDP’s (Liberals) top candidate in Baden-Württemberg, Hans Ulrich Rühlke, put it in a TV interview after the election? He had campaigned to show that the conventional internal combustion engine was also environmentally friendly and should be allowed to remain so. I am convinced that in Germany, a land of car dinosaurs, this conviction has a consensus among politicians. And wind turbines? We don’t want them in our area, they spoil the environment.

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