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Brands Against Humanity – a game to my liking (Sustainability & Bullshit, Part 3)

Business community platform XING offered me to follow the website of Business Punk magazine. (I’ve looked at the paper magazine before but have to admit didn’t find it exciting). Still, punk is a thoroughly positive term with me (for sentimental reasons), and I can definitely recommend for company founders James Watt’s book “Business for Punks”. Watt preaches – here the analogy to punk – a certain uncompromisingness in dealing with one’s own idea and energy when building one’s own business.

Here’s what I wanted to report: on the Business Punk website, I found a reference to a game called “Brands Against Humanity.” The card game is a variation of “Cards Against Humanity”, and the point is to act as dickish as possible in the role of corporate, and then bullshit your way out of it.

For example, the game has black cards with a sentence of word omissions on them and white cards with sentences to fill in the blanks. These are based on true facts.In addition, there is a card expansion for an “apology bingo” with lazy excuses why the company had to do these terrible things. Other nice rules include if Jeff Bezos is in the game, he always has to start the game, or the person who was the last to buy bottled water starts as the corporate monster, or you get play money by selling your soul at the beginning.

The winner of the game must donate their winnings to a charity at the end; a selection of suggestions can be found on the Brands against Humanity authors’ website.

Needless to say it again. I firmly believe we should sharpen our senses to detect and name greenwashing and corporate bullshitting when we come across it, but it doesn’t have to be done in a dead serious way. While merely paying homage to cynicism and slipping into the role of the most mendacious corporate possible would be too obvious for me, the fact that donations are made at the end of Brands against Humanity shows me, or I interpret it that way, that there is also a didactic intention behind the game in the best sense.

Here is the link to the Business Punk article (unfortunately only in German):
The good news: Brands against Humanity is available as a free download, here

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